Are you a pioneering startup looking to work closely with Australia’s most innovative law firm?

Auctus - Allens Legal Accelerator has been launched to help startups ‘scale’ by working closely with Allens through a combination of expert advice, an education program and facilitated access to the Allens network.


Does your startup have a solution that can solve either of these challenges?

Challenge one

Contract creation
and management

Legal contracts are static, highly manual to create and manage, and difficult to analyse at scale. This creates difficulties for law firms and clients alike in both managing existing contracts effectively and making sure their legal agreements are the best they can be, for all parties and stakeholders.

We’re interested in solutions that can help us enhance contract management, reduce manual work and decrease time spent creating contracts. Such solutions may include, but not be limited to, data analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI), data management, blockchain, natural language processing (NLP), application programming interfaces (API), algorithm-driven automation and reporting applications.

Challenge two

Risk assessment, management and compliance

There is increasing demand among businesses for detailed advice on risk exposure and compliance response. However, there are significant technical and operational barriers to identifying, assessing and prioritising risks, and setting and simplifying compliance controls, as part of a risk management framework. Similarly, businesses find it difficult to both operationalise and culturally embed these practices and mindsets.

We’re interested in solutions that can help us support our clients in understanding their risk and compliance issues and embedding processes for ongoing management. Such solutions may include, but are not limited to, data analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence, data management, natural language processing (NLP), reporting and enterprise risk management (ERM) applications.

Have an innovative solution that doesn't solve the above challenges?

We still want to hear from you!

What are we looking for?

We’re looking for outstanding startups with innovative solutions that have:

an emerging technology focus;

a market-ready product supported by evidence;

high growth potential;

global growth potential;

demonstrated customer traction; and

the ability to deliver impact to the legal, legaltech and regtech sectors.

Why you should be interested

Successful startups will join the eight-week accelerator program and receive the following benefits:

Legal expertise

Allens mentors and experts can provide expert coaching in how best to interact with the legal marketplace and improve your product.

Growth expertise

Allens and its ecosystem of innovators, partners and clients can provide strategic advice, education and support. For some startups there may be opportunities to discuss further strategic engagement with the firm or potential investors.


Eight intensive learning sessions specifically focused on sustained growth and expansion. Core components include product, technology, finance, IP, pitching and more.


Startups in our cohort will have formal mentoring relationships set up with experts in legal, knowledge management and innovation.


Facilitated strategic introductions to Allens' extensive networks in Australia and around the world. This may also include tours and information exchanges to meet potential customers.

Testing access

Startups can refine, test and gain rapid feedback on their product from a top tier firm.

Applications are now closed.

Applications are now closed.

How it works

Shortlisted startups will be invited to present a detailed pitch for the opportunity to join the accelerator program and work closely with Allens.



Review the challenges


Submit your application


Receive invitation 
to pitch


Selected to join the accelerator



Applications open


Q+A session


Applications close


Pitch event


Accelerator launch


Demo day


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